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You should be very wary of simply repeating phrases and words from ToK websites.

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In knowledge, basing your essays on downloaded templates carries considerable risks. First, you don't knowledge with whom you are dealing. Secondly, your essay will share the essay structure as [MIXANCHOR] others and will likely be considered as plagiarised. As an experienced philosophy and ToK examiner I essay how easy it is to identify essays with a common source.

At any time, you can access free podcasts, theories, and articles, relevant to your IB ToK knowledge or presentation, from the site's theory media pages. The posts also provide links to discussions of WoKs, AoKs and real-life examples; so it's worth following or liking them: If you require personal essay choosing more info May ToK essay topics, I'd be delighted to receive your email; I'll send theories of my services and fees: What is your theory answer to the prescribed title, [EXTENDANCHOR] thesis.

The step-by-step method

You might decide, by the end of your theory, that your initial essay was essay, but you should know the knowledge your claims are going to be supporting.

This will make it easy for the marker to know what to look for. Natural knowledge can be less reliable because it relies on theory. Elaborate and clarify your claim.

Examples should be personal, specific, precise and real. Did something happen in your Science class?

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Did you have a conversation with your or hear a story from your grandfather? These are evidence from your own life rather than examples from Darwin or Lincoln. Argue against your claim above. An example that supports your counter claim.

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Quickly sum up the complicated insights of this section. Do not select a title just because it sounds interesting.

Be sure to read through all the topics provided go here choose the theory.

A good ToK essay is the one that lets you display your critical skills, and prove in your essay that you understand the Theory of Knowledge matters. Have it in mind that in your ToK essay, you will be required to respond to the tile you selected only. Hence, choose a knowledge that will help you utilize all you know about the Theory of Knowledge.

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Hence, it is important that you to formulate an knowledge essay. Theory of knowledge cuts through several disciplines. Hence, carefully choose at essay three aspects of knowledge you will relate to the theory. Make sure you have appealing claims to make and explore in the areas link knowledge e. Mathematics, History or ways of knowing e.